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Why did I become a photographer did I hear you ask?


Well I've always had a passion for capturing real moments. At Drama School I quickly became known as the guy who would document every single moment, so much so that it got me kicked out of class one time.

Prior to Drama School I'd also completed a Bachelor of Film, which I think plays a huge part in my photography. Not only am I a trained professional behind the camera but I'm no stranger to the feeling of being in front of it. And let's face it, most actors hate having their picture taken, so I pride myself on making that process as comfortable as possible. 

Currently Sydney based but sometimes in Brisbane, I've been shooting people's faces since 2014 and am currently the resident headshot photographer for ACA, having shot their Graduate headshots since 2017.

Fun fact: The photo you see on my welcome page is from the first headshot shoot I ever did, with my beautiful friend Lauren Rowe. 

Photo Credit: Alyssa Kristine Photography 

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